Privacy Policy

The Brain Accelerator Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as "the Policy") sets forth the rules for the operation of the game Brain Accelerator (hereinafter referred to as "the Game") provided by ASTERIOS Co. This policy serves as a standard for the operation of the game, and is also a set of rules to be followed by users who play the game (hereinafter referred to as "users"). Please read this policy before playing the game in order to ensure that all users can play the game comfortably.

Any matters not covered in this policy will be operated in accordance with the Brain Accelerator Terms of Service as well as other terms and conditions set forth by the Company. The contents of this policy are subject to change without prior notice in order to improve the operation of the game. The revised policy will take effect when it is posted on the site, and any use of the site after the changes are made will be deemed to be acceptance of the revised policy.

The Company shall not be liable for any damage caused by failure to understand the contents of this policy.

* Prohibited Items

In order to allow users to play the Game more comfortably, the following acts are prohibited in the use of the Game: acts that cause trouble to other users, acts that interfere with the operation of the Game by the Company, and other acts that are inappropriate for the operation of the Game (hereinafter referred to as "Prohibited Acts").

In the event that the Company deems that a user's actions fall under the category of Prohibited Acts, the Company may unavoidably take necessary measures such as warning, deletion of game data, restriction or suspension of the use of the Game (hereinafter referred to as "Sanctions") against the user who has committed the Prohibited Acts.

Please note that the following actions are examples only, and even if the actions are not specified in this policy, the Company may impose sanctions on the relevant user if it deems them inappropriate.

Please note that the decision on whether or not an act is prohibited is at the discretion of the Company, and the reasons for the decision will not be disclosed.

* Confusing behavior

Any action that collects or aims to collect personal information or other confidential information of other users or third parties (hereinafter referred to as "personal information, etc.").

Display or post the personal information of other users or third parties.

Using the personal information of other users or third parties.

Posting information that is false, inaccurate, or misleading, regardless of location.

Actions that place a burden on the Company's server or other systems.

Stalking or unreasonably following other users.

Violent behavior or forcing others to do something they are not obligated to do.

Impersonation of the Company or its affiliates.

Acts that interfere with the operation of this game or cause trouble to other users.

Inappropriate behavior.

Use of this game by persons other than the registered user.

Use of this game by impersonating another user or a third party, with or without the consent of the user.

Holding multiple game accounts.

Use of this game for commercial purposes.

Selling or reselling to other users or third parties any of the rights to the services provided by the Company or the game operator, or any act intended to do so.

Attempting to access the site in an unauthorized manner (e.g., by using a special program)

Intentionally using defects in the game and spreading the contents to other users or third parties.

Posting links, URLs, etc. to websites or pages other than those for which the Company has permission.

Posting of information that can identify an individual, such as email addresses or phone numbers, or information that can be used to contact an individual, regardless of whether it is the individual or a third party.

Actions aimed at obtaining unfair profits through the use of this game and similar actions.

Posting of information for the purpose of trading products or services, or any other act for the purpose of advertising, whether for profit or non-profit.

Actions for the purpose of dating, contact or communication outside of this game, and actions in response to such actions.

Anti-social behavior.

Acts that are contrary to laws, ordinances, and other regulations established by the government.

Actions that are offensive to public order and morals.

Criminal acts, or acts that forewarn or encourage such acts.

Posting of images, words, or other expressions that general users may find offensive.

Actions or expressions that lead to discrimination based on race, gender, age, etc.

Acts of slander, insult, or defamation of reputation or trust.

Harassment of other users.

Posting of words, actions, or expressions that are reminiscent of or induce child pornography or child prostitution.

Posting of expressions that can be judged to have a negative impact on other users or minors.

Political activities, religious activities, or other similar activities.

Actions that violate these terms and conditions.

Other actions that the Company deems inappropriate.

* About the name of the character

In principle, you can freely set the name of your character in this game, as long as it is not a name that has already been registered. However, the use of names that the Company deems to contain the following expressions (hereinafter referred to as "Prohibited Names") is prohibited (including those that are deemed to be substantially the same expressions, such as guesses and homonyms)

Wording that slanders other users, third parties, or the Company.

Wording that may infringe on the rights of other users, third parties, or the Company.

Wording that interferes with the operation of this service.

Discriminatory language.

Wording or expressions that may be antisocial or in conflict with laws and regulations.

Expressions related to specific politics, religion, etc.

Expressions that are judged to be for the purpose of advertising or promotion.

Other expressions that the Company deems inappropriate.

* Contact Us

If you encounter any problems with this game that you cannot solve on your own, please contact us by e-mail at

In order for users to play this game comfortably, we will do our best to respond to your inquiries, but there are some things we cannot do. If you have any questions, please refer to the following and specify the details of your inquiry.

Please note that the following is only an example of how we will respond to your inquiries, and we do not guarantee that we will respond to all inquiries that meet the conditions or that we will implement the various measures.

What we can do

Receipt of reports of violations of this policy, investigation of violations, and implementation of sanctions and other measures.

Acceptance of reports and correction of problems when problems are found in the game.

Other matters deemed necessary by the Company - Matters that cannot be handled.

Please note that, in principle, we are unable to respond to the following matters.

Items that the user is deemed capable of resolving on their own.

Strategy information, detailed status, game specifications, and other matters related to this game.

Matters concerning other users.

Matters related to problems between users.

However, the Company may impose sanctions if it deems the content to be malicious or if it falls under prohibited items.

Matters concerning loss of in-game data.

However, if it is our responsibility, we will do our best to accommodate you.

Other matters that the Company deems impossible to handle.

[ Formulated: April 1, 2014 ]