• History


    "Irreversible global warming, food crises, and severe water shortages have already caused the collapse of 27 economies.


    Brain accelerators are developed at the International Brain Engineering Institute.


    A catastrophic eruption occurs near Nishinoshima Island, Japan, and the resulting plume triggers a global Little Ice Age.


    There will be civil unrest and riots in many countries.


    Crossing the border by armed refugees (nomads) to secure their living space has become an international problem.


  • Brain Accelerator

    Brain accelerator.

    Brain accelerator is a general term for a device that accelerates the neural response speed (fusion frequency) of the brain, created by the best of brain neuroengineering.

    Normally, the critical fusion frequency of a human is about 85Hz, and electric lights blinking at 200Hz appear to be sustained light.

    With this brain accelerator, the fusion frequency can be increased to 2.5 times that of a fly.

    At such a high speed, rain appears to stop, and even bullets fired from a gun appear to stop.

    However, it is difficult to increase the speed of nerve transmission to the body's muscular response, and the body feels very heavy and rigid while the device is operating.

    In battle, the difference in speed is compensated for by the wearable cyborg (exoskeleton armor).